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Meet Dani

Dani is a graduate of Academy of Natural Therapy's 750 hour certified massage therapist program. Her specialization is in myofascial release/deep tissue and hot stone massage. In addition to massage, Dani is a certified yoga teacher. She completed South Hills Power Yoga's 200 hour Power Vinyasa certification in 2014. She is passionate about adventure and the great outdoors.

Dani loves that both massage and yoga is about internal focus. In her own yoga practice, she aims to create strength and space in the body and mind. Coupled with meditation, yoga allows her to be in the ‘now’ and breathe through the uncomfortable and vulnerable times in life.


Overall, she is an advocate of change, awareness, and discovery. Through bodywork, her hope is to inspire others to break free from stagnation, move with grace through injury, or to just feel at home in their body and mind. Out of the massage and yoga space, she enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, and gravel biking with her boyfriend Oliver, and their dog Fitz.

Dani's Massage Background

Dani is a passionate, caring, and driven woman. She places a high value on connection in the community. Knotted Pine Bodywork is committed to massaging at sporting events, in the gym at Fitness1, and collaborating with other therapists and members of the healthcare professional team. In her work with clients, she enjoys blending deep tissue techniques with hot stone and Swedish massage. 


Choosing massage as a professional passion project just made sense to her because nothing gives her greater joy than being of service to others. She absolutely loves how much there is to learn about massage and bodywork! There are so many different techniques, modalities and tools to change lives.


Dani graduated in September 2020 with a 4.0 GPA with bodywork classes that consisted of: chair, Swedish, trigger point, neuromuscular, hydrotherapy, and sports. Dani has exceeded the required 186 clinical hours, and currently has over 250 hours in hands-on clinical experience. In addition to serving as president of student council, she received additional awards of: student of the month, most successful, best overall student, and summa cum laude.

What to Expect

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first session, and 5-10 minutes early for subsequent sessions. After filling out intake paperwork, you will be able to discuss your massage needs in a private room with the massage therapist. After that, she will step out of the room for you to undress to your comfort level. Some people leave all clothes on, some undress completely. We provide sheets and blankets to cover private areas at all times. 

Please refer to our "Policies" page for more details.

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